Issue with _dbus_write_socket on windows

Havoc Pennington hp at
Tue Nov 21 08:26:37 PST 2006

Ralf Habacker wrote:
> Have you thought about accessing a dbus-daemon on a given windows pc
> from another unix or windows pc ?

On unix the only point of this would be displaying a remote X app on the 
local session. I don't think the analogous situation really happens on 
Windows, afaik.

(Which does show one advantage of using something other than tcp 
eventually on windows - tcp is just a possible security hole with no 

> How should it be able if the daemon is autolaunched ? Or is this such a
> use case only limited to the system bus, which should have a well known
> tcp port ?

I can't think of a reason windows should have a system bus, either...


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