D-Bus and Bonjour service discovery

Tim Wilkinson tim at hiveminded.com
Wed Nov 22 17:47:27 PST 2006

I think there's some confusion over what I'm proposing - I don't  
think extending the current system and session buses to be inter- 
machine is the way to go; they both serve very specific purposes and  
I don't think they should suddenly do something else.

Instead what I was proposing was the addition of a third default bus  
- call it the 'lan bus' or 'bonjour bus' if you want.  Its purpose in  
life is to allow clients to make services available between machines  
rather than just within one machine (using the other buses).  The  
examples I gave earlier were just top-of-my-head things I've wanted  
to do recently - and they all fall into the category of allowing one  
machine to offer services to others.

It seems sort of silly when you look at a networked home and see just  
how much Linux is kicking about in it (various network boxes, Tivos,  
Cellphones,  NAS, media servers, etc.) and then realize that there's  
no standard way to plug these pieces together.  Sure, there are lots  
of other ways to do it, but that makes talking to an audio device on  
your local box different from talking to one on a set of speakers on  
a remote device.  At least in a LAN scenario, and with a sprinkling  
of dbus magic, I don't see why it has to be that way.


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