D-Bus and Bonjour service discovery

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Nov 22 15:24:11 PST 2006

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> The system bus never listens on TCP, to avoid a whole pile of security 
> exposure that would introduce.
> I'm not sure why you would want to talk to apps on a remote machine 
> through a system bus instead of directly to the app?

It would make life a lot easier for me if a bus of some sort could be 
used externally. At some point I would like to do network searching 
using tracker (which currently only uses the session bus) but it would 
be quite mucky having to reimplement our dbus interfaces using a 
DBusServer in P2P mode just to make it network transparent.

Im sure there's a whole load of groupware style desktop apps that would 
benefit from being able to use a simpler bus for machine to machine 
comms too without worrying about port addresses or having to use lower 
level code.

Rather than use the system bus, would it not be better to have an 
additional "external bus", which can be run as non-root?

Mr Jamie McCracken

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