Parallel method calls to server

Pallavi Rao rao33pallavi at
Sat Nov 25 14:22:04 PST 2006

Hello all,
I need some clarification on the implementation of a
serving object on the dbus. 

In a serialized/synchronous method call, two different
clients, client1 and client2 call the same method A on
a serving object and they are worked upon one after
the other. So that after the first method call from
client1 is done with, the second call from client2 is
taken care of(and replies are received in the same
order at the clients).

In a parallel/asynchronous call, a thread(?) is
generated per each single call to this method A. So
for two calls from two clients to a single method at
the same time, two separate threads run in parallel to
finish work at the same or almost the same time. In
this case a reply from a thread is to be sent back to
the right client to which it belongs.
Does the dbus directly deal with the threads in this
case, or should that all be done inside the server
object? (I guess dbus has generally not anything to do
with this, but I am not sure.)

In other words, I am searching for information/
documentation on how the multithreaded applications
are dealt on the dbus??

Is it also possible to have new and proper processes
with unique PID's instead of threads, per each call in
the parallel implementation of serving applications.
(Then the processes, for example, can have unique
connection names !)


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