BlueZ configuration file/security question

Havoc Pennington hp at
Thu Nov 30 12:51:32 PST 2006


Claudio Takahasi wrote:
> thanks!!! I think the last option of using peer to peer connection
> fits better, because Marcel wants keep the service paths/interfaces
> freely definable and without well-known names for ServiceAgents. So,
> there isn't a string pattern to create policies. I will start
> investigate the peer to peer approach.

This does not make sense to me - there is no harm in having a single 
org.bluez.ServiceAgent name with all the service agents owning it. hcid 
will still have to talk to the agents using the unique name - the 
well-known name is used only to identify which connections are service 
agents, so the bus can apply the right policies.

peer-to-peer may make sense for other reasons, but I don't think 
avoiding having a well-known name like this is one of them. The 
well-known name isn't changing any existing semantics you might have.


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