D-Bus RC2 this Friday

frederic heem frederic.heem at telsey.it
Wed Oct 11 09:21:42 PDT 2006

dbus and dbus-glib has 80 known bugs, are they going to be fixed before the 
final release ? 
Alle 18:15, mercoledì 11 ottobre 2006, John (J5) Palmieri ha scritto:
> I want to do a new release this Friday.  A lot has changed so we need an
> RC2.  Is there anything packagers need to be aware of?  We added the new
> machine UUID stuff.  Is this handled by the daemon or do we need to add
> code to the post scripts?
> The last thing I want to get done before RC2 is making sure we compile
> on Solaris, *BSD and MacOSX so please look over those bugs in Bugzilla
> and respond to any questions I might have added.

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