patch or not patch ?

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Mon Oct 16 07:38:41 PDT 2006

frederic heem wrote:
>Another question is why redhat, suse and <put your favorite
> distribution> have different spec, different /etc/init.d/dbus,
> different dbus-daemon location etc.. Not even talking about debian &
> friends...

This is going off-topic, but it basically boils down to "they are 
different distributions".

1) The package names are different
2) The package split is different
3) The compilation flags are different (some distributions optimise for an 
arch, some others don't)
4) The distribution's internal buildsystem and source-control for 
the .spec files is different (some distributions automate .spec and 
actually work on a level up from them)
5) Some distributions have -debug packages, others don't.

The init system is different. The tools that handle them are different.

>No one is adding value by making things incompatible, and it's real
> burden for application developer.

While I can agree with the first part of your sentence, I cannot agree 
with the second. How is it going to be any different for the application 

The library behaviour is the same. And it's also source and binary 
compatible. The library is found (during development) via pkg-config.

>Why not building one rpm that can be installed on *all* rpm based system
> ? Is it so difficult to agree between packager ?

The D-Bus library and daemon are small enough and have few enough 
dependencies that they could be built as LSB packages. The bindings 
certainly can't (maybe the glib one, but I am not sure).

But since we want D-Bus to be an essential part of the system -- as its a 
dependency for HAL, for instance -- distributors have to package it 
anyways. So we gain nothing in creating LSB packages.

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