[RELEASE] dbus-glib 0.72

Rob Taylor rob.taylor at collabora.co.uk
Thu Oct 26 02:32:31 PDT 2006

The D-Bus GLib bindings have finally made it to a 0.72 release!

I should highlight that now dbus-binding-tool requires the --prefix
flag, as it was generating nonsense without it. This might trip some
users up.

Changes follow:

 - Only use -Wfloat-equal if compiler supports it (Closes #7658. Thanks
to Jens Granseuer <jensgr at gmx.net> for the patch).
 - Return NULL from g_return_val_if_fail in dbus_g_proxy_begin_call
(Closes #4159.)
 - Add dbus-gidl.h to IGNORE_HFILES for doxygen docs
 - Update tools/Makefile.am for new dbus-binding-tool behaviour
 - Remove bashism in make-dbus-glib-error-enum.sh (Closes #6700).
 - Fix introspection when object has exported properties.
(dbus-gobject:write_interface was completely broken)
 - Fix thanks to mccann at jhu.edu. (Closes #8607).
 - Require --prefix in dbus-binding-tool (Closes #4185).
 - Don't shadow index. Rename usage of index to index_. Thanks stdlib...
(Closes #8353).
 - Fix small leak when marshal_table is destroyed (Closes #6870 with
patch from Richard Hult <richard at imendio.com>).
 - Fixes crash if disposing one DBusGProxy causes another for the same
service to be unrefed in a destroyed callback.
 - Clean generated run-with-tmp-session-bus.conf on make clean
 - Actually run unit tests and checks when doing make distcheck
 - Use TEST_CORE_SERVICE_BINARY path for core test service file
 - Use dbus-daemon --introspect to generate DBus service introspect xml
 - Add tests for new interfaces functionaility
 - Bump GLib dependency to 2.6 (Closes #4390).
 - Add gobject-2.0 to dbus-glib-1.pc.in
 - Puts all exposed services in the org.freedesktop.DBus.GLib namespace
 - Update COPYING and HACKING to be correct for dbus-glib
 - Move tests/glib to test/core
 - Rename configure.in to configure.ac for modernity
 - Fix memleak in lookup_or_register_specialized (Applies fix from
Daniel d'Andrada Tenório de Carvalho, closing bug #7352).
 - Add an m4 directory and add gtk-doc.m4, which is installed in the
tree by gtkdocize.
 - tools/Makefile.am: Add tools/session.conf to EXTRA_DIST so make check
works from tarballs
 - Fix compilation with -Werror
 - Make test scripts run during out-of-tree compilation
 - Fix out-of-tree compilation
 - Replace doxygen with gtk-doc in INSTALL
 - Commit patch to switch to gtk-doc with gtype-specialized doc and
 - Updates from Marc-Andre Lureau <marcandre.lureau at gmail.com>, with
minor cleanup. (Closes #7726.)

Rob Taylor
Collabora Ltd

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