OLPC and .service files in a users home directory

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> uwesmail2005-lkml at yahoo.de wrote:
> >Can this infrastructure configure a path (in data_dirs I assume yes
> >from the name, but in data_home?) Then the proposal I made in
> another
> >mail to this thread could work to specify a reltive dir that must be
> >found (not created) in that path.
> I didn't understand what you meant there.
Ok, slowly. If there could be a path (HOME-dir, system-dir,
dir,...) and in such a path an existing(!) service dir would be
like a program binary is searched in PATH, then one could configure
a path and servicedir name (the servicedir name as relative, because it
*is* relative to one dir in that path) and not conflict with the DTD
because the path is configured elsewhere, possibly where the DTD
allows env vars. 
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