dbus logo (RE: Improving freedesktop.org)

Pat Suwalski pat at suwalski.net
Fri Sep 1 06:38:55 PDT 2006

Matthew Johnson wrote:
> I'm not a graphic artist, and I only had the GIMP to hand, so these are
> quickly done PNGs just to share the concepts I'm thinking of; they
> definitely need redoing. They combine bits of both Waldo and J5's logos.
> These were the logo thoughts I had:
> http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/dbus-1.png
> http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/dbus-2.png
> http://mjj29.matthew.ath.cx/dbus-3.png

I like the bus. No particular reason, but it's that "D-Bus" is "The Bus" 
to me and always will be. Plus, that's one awesome bus logo someone 
(Diana Fong?) came up with.


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