dbus_binding_tool in dbus-glib-1.pc.in

Marcel Holtmann marcel at holtmann.org
Sun Sep 3 08:31:08 PDT 2006

Hi Havoc,

> > Well, its our very own Havoc Pennington who added these (Now unchanged
> > from their originals by 5 years). Havoc, what do you think? Is it useful?
> I believe this was added to allow building gtk against a glib that had 
> not yet been installed, I was trying to make a single huge tarball with 
> glib/pango/gtk etc. that would all "make; make install" as a whole.
> It may also be useful for cross-compiling or something.

it might be a good idea to include it. And speaking of cross-compiling,
a couple of Bluetooth embedded guys complain loudly about problems with
cross-compiling D-Bus for their systems since I made D-Bus a mandatory
requirement for all new BlueZ packages. I directed them to this mailing
list. So watch out for them.



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