set user id for service ?

Havoc Pennington hp at
Fri Sep 15 11:19:15 PDT 2006

Scott James Remnant wrote:
>> Also, if we're proposing having dbus system bus able to start services, 
>> we have to figure out when to use that and when to use upstart.
> And here's the other interesting overlap, dbus currently tries to handle
> starting of services itself when a message for them is received.

Don't have to time to think about and reply to the whole mail until 
later, but a quick note, dbus does *not* currently handle starting of 
services on the system bus. Right now the system bus daemon is running 
as a special "messagebus" user and anything it spawned would just be 
useless because it would have no permissions. It's an open question 
whether dbus should be able to spawn services on the system bus as it 
does on the session bus (this question is why you were suddenly copied 
on the thread).


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