set user id for service ?

Tako Schotanus quintesse at
Sat Sep 16 06:06:05 PDT 2006

Matthew Johnson wrote:
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> On Fri, 15 Sep 2006, David Zeuthen wrote:
>> a. the pretty uninteresting case when no-one is logged in; and
> One worry I have reading this thread is that I have a lot of computers
> where this is the case; most of the time no-one is logged in and no-one
> _ever_ logs in graphically, it's just not installed. Is there anything
> which I currently do on my servers which you are planning to handle with
> session-based programs?
That's my worry as well, I don't really like the idea that some might 
thing my case "uninteresting" just because I'm not logged in to my 
desktop all the time.

In fact I think it's one of the big design flaws of NM that they didn't 
take that case into account: there is no way to specify that it has to 
connect to a wireless station if nobody is logged into the system. I'm 
flabbergasted when the developers say that there is no real use-case for it.

All this when there is no real technical reason not to do it, because NM 
is actually nicely divided in a system daemon that does all the work and 
a small desktop applet that does configuration. The flaw is with _all_ 
configuration being done by the applet thereby preventing NM from 
connecting to wireless stations before a user has logged in.

I'm wondering if some people are so focused on "getting Linux on the 
desktop" that they forget that there are lots of people using their 
computer differently from them that would still benefit immensely from 
some of the features provided by those, currently desktop-only, daemons.

Just my 2 uninteresting cents ;-)


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