[patch] Auto session bus launch from libdbus, take 2

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Sun Sep 17 11:46:22 PDT 2006

Benjamin Reed wrote:
> How does this concept jive with OSX, which is a "unix" for the sake of
> sockets and low-level type stuff, but will also want it's own method
> of session discovery for autolaunch?

I would think of it as a tree, like:

      /           \
   Unix         Windows
  /     \
Unix  OSX

So within the unix port we could have additional specialization for OS 
X. In this specific case it's quite easy; make 
dbus_transport_open_platform_specific on unix chain to a
dbus_transport_open_unix_flavor_specific or something like that.

We also have the autoconf HAVE_* stuff of course for smaller differences 
among unix-like platforms.

Hmm, in fact maybe for autolaunch, libdbus does not need to be different 
on os x, only the dbus-launch.c binary - just replace the X11 code in 
dbus-launch with some code that stores the bus address in the session in 
some other way.


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