userdb cache expiry

Tim Dijkstra newsuser at
Mon Sep 18 07:15:39 PDT 2006


I'm having some problems with dbus, more precisely peripheral
technologies that talk to it; hal, g-p-m, g-vm.

The problems are a bit hard to track down, but I think it boils down to
the symptom that in some cases dbus doesn't realize a certain user
exists, while getpwuid finds it perfectly. This situation arises when,
while dbus is running, passwd data is changed. In my case for example by
adding a ldap resource to /etc/nsswitch.conf and reloading nscd. I also
think I remember just editing a line in /etc/passwd would do (haven't
tested that thoroughly).

Now, I had a quick look in the dbus source, and it seems that it has
it's own caching of passwd data. I couldn't find however if it ever
expires the cache (except on reload config).
Does it do this somewhere? Shouldn't it do that?

Why doesn't dbus just rely on the OS to do the caching? On linux, nscd
exist for this purpose for example ...

grts Tim

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