Out of Memory Error and pending != NULL

keith preston keithpre at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 09:55:40 PDT 2006

Ok, so I have been developing some dbus utility services and have run into
some errors I find difficult to debug.  I am using the glib bindings and I
infrequently run into the following two errors

** ERROR ** out of memory

** ERROR **: file dbus-gproxy.c: line 2123 .... assertation failed pending

I can reproduce them with a little regularity.   Like if I bind my dbus call
to the spacebar and just hit the spacebar 6 or 7 times after I launch my
program, the pending !=null will always come up.  A few note from looking at
the code

** ERROR ** out of memory
This seems to be printed out in dbus_g_proxy_begin_call_internal as almost a
generic message.   If we can't make the message this seems like a valid
error, but if dbus_connection_send_with_reply fails, could there be another
case that the error is not cause by memory?   I am pretty sure I am not
running out of memory.

** ERROR **: file dbus-gproxy.c: line 2123 .... assertation failed pending
>From the note on dbus_connection_send_with_reply, it seems to imply that
this will only be NULL is the connection is disconnected.  Are there any
conditions where the connection can get interrupted?

I can't believe that these are dbus bugs, but rather that I am not using
dbus correctly.   Are there any common situation where these error might
appear?    Here are a few abnormal things I am doing

Threading... can you make dbus call from any thread?  sync and async calls?
Two way service....  I have two xml specifications that work together but
are seperate services (myservice_server , myservice_client)  also I do have
one case where both of these services exist in the same process (Glib Main
Loop)    I already figured out that you can't to syncronous call this way,
but this makes sense.  Anyway any hint on how I can resolve these issues
would be appreciated.

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