dbus linked with libglib by default

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Thu Sep 21 07:11:13 PDT 2006

frederic heem wrote:
> Hi,
> Libdbus contains many functions and structures that were taken from glib, only 
> the prefix was changed, for example:
> dbus_new/delete, dbus_string_*,  dbus list_*, dbus_mutex_*, dbus_loop_*, 
> dbus_spwan etc ...
> I guess this was to avoid linking to glib, hence to make the qt guy accept 
> dbus. 
> Things has changed, the upcoming Qt 4.2 is linked with glib. Actually, this is 
> a good news for dbus. By using glib directly, the codesize can be shrink 
> roughly by half, startup time too can be reduce too since less code needs to 
> be loaded in ram. It would be event better for embedded system where even 
> 100kb is important.
> Maintenance can be reduce too, all bugs solved in glib are directly solves in 
> dbus, no need to periodically merge.
> Apart from the initial work to change all dbus function to their glib 
> counterpart, there isn't any drawback at all. 

I fear this would it make harder to get Windows specific code integrated.


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