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Mon Jan 1 17:58:28 PST 2007

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So, a bunch of work over Christmas later and I have most of a functional
D-Bus implementation in (almost) pure Java. This will form the
libjava-dbus 2.0 release and features:

    * Directly talks the wire protocol, no libdbus-1 dependency
    * No native code for TCP (and hence should just work on windows)
    * Peer-to-peer connections
    * A low-level interface
    * single-precision float type (with an environment variable set)
    * multi-threaded DBusDaemon replacement

Code is now in the dbus-java git repository on or
can be downloaded from

In implementing this I have come up against a couple of problems:

  - libdbus-1 seems to insist that the first message it gets after
    sending the Hello message is the method_return for that message. If
    you send the NameAcquired signal first (this is how my daemon is
    implemented) then it disconnects. Is this intentional? It will make
    my life somewhat harder, and I don't particularly see a reason.

  - How should I support auto-creation of busses?

  - Is there a method for detecting protocol extensions? Like alp I have
    implemented support for a single-precision float type, but it's
    unclear how to detect what the protocol in use is (particularly in a
    peer-to-peer case where there is no Hello message first which won't
    use extensions)


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