Probable bug in dbus-python

tsuraan tsuraan at
Fri Jan 12 07:28:15 PST 2007

In the git sources for dbus-python I downloaded two days ago (I haven't
figured out how to re-sync yet), if you attempt to connect to the SystemBus
without importing dbus.glib, the program crashes.  A quick demo:

>>> import dbus
>>> bus=dbus.SystemBus()
process 24616: arguments to dbus_connection_close() were incorrect,
assertion "connection->generation == _dbus_current_generation" failed in
file dbus-connection.c line 2740.
This is normally a bug in some application using the D-Bus library.
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7b0c77d]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7b08637]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7afd0c6]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7ad86c1]
  /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/ [0xb7b588b8]
  /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/ [0xb7b57761]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7ea7efb]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7e94042]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7e6f467]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7eca2ce]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7eccbc5]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7ecbb6e]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7eccbc5]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7e8488c]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7e6f467]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7eab84c]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7ea4c22]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7e6f467]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7eca2ce]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7eccbc5]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7ecce43]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7ee7745]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7ee8eaf]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7ee902b]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7ee95fe]
  /usr/lib/ [0xb7eef848]
  python(main+0x2a) [0x804860a]
  /lib/ [0xb7d05896]
  python [0x8048541]

On the other hand, if you do import dbus and then dbus.glib, it works fine.
It's a small bug, but probably worth fixing :)
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