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Hi Havoc Pennington:

Thank you for giving implement suggestions.

I am glad to explain what I am doing.

It is a "open with" function of applications manager in smart phone.

when user click a *.mp3 file in file manager, a open with file message

will be sent to app manager, app manager will find certain media player

to launch it to open the mp3 file.

before i implement it by Qt QCopchannel, store the message in
/tmp/pid-message RAM file by  "data >> QByteArray".

when media player is started, it will read the /tmp/pid-message file and
send out a signal

in MediaApplication.cpp  class.

Now, I implement it by Gtk and dbus. Also I want to do it by write and read

but i don not know how to store into and read from a dbus message

I know some test code can write and read dbus message into a file, but i can
not find the source code.

It is easy to implement by "command lines",  something like  "MediaPlayer

but we want to make it a more general facility , something like

open_file_with_app_and_save_setting_and_tell_user  (const std::string
&file,  const  std::string  &app,  bool  save, const std::string

it is a auto message which is sent to app manager by file manager, app
manager will check if the media player is live, if live, then send the

if not live, should start the media player first, and after the player is
ready to receive the message, send message then.

I do not know how Gnome an KDE implement such function.

On 1/25/07, Havoc Pennington <hp at redhat.com> wrote:
> A queued message with a timeout would create a race condition anyway; it
> would be more robust if you do it like:
>   1) start your application B to receive the message
>   2) in application A, listen for the NameOwnerChanged signal
>      when B receives its bus name
>   3) in application A, send your message to B

This is sound a good idea,  I will try it  first.


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