python-dbus 0.80.1 memory leak issue

Luka Renko lure at
Tue Jan 30 14:42:53 PST 2007


I am one of the developers of KDE Guidance Power Manager that uses python-dbus 
to access HAL for power management (battery, suspend/hibernate, CPU freq 
scaling). By recent upgrade of python-dbus in Kubuntu Feisty to python-dbus 
0.80.1 we have got several user complaints about huge memory consumption of 
our application. Memory was used in the range of 0.5 MB/minute. See bug [1] 
for more details.

Power Manager is PyQt3/PyKDE3 application (source code is available at [2]). 
Application does poll on HAL status in regular intervals (battery, 
ac_adapter). This is due to the fact that PyQt3 does not have proper Qt 
mainloop integration yet (only available in PyQt4) and we cannot use dbus 
It looks like that these regular calls to HAL/dbus are leaving some references 
around that are consuming memory.

I would like to know if any other user of python-dbus has noticed any memory 
leaks with 0.80.1? Has something changed in terms of dbus references that we 
need to change in our application to properly work with python garbage 



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