Threading problems in WinDBus

Olivier Hochreutiner olivier.hochreutiner at
Sat Jul 7 02:13:42 PDT 2007

> > If you can make a simple compilable test case that is C or uses stock
> > dbus-c++ I can download, then I can poke at this without a large time
> > investment.
> >
> I just added a multithreaded test to the echo example in dbus-c++
> that said, I couldn't reproduce the crash using only two threads (one
> for the mainloop, the other sending requests) as Olivier's program did

I could reproduce it under Windows event with two thread (i.e. THREADS
== 1 in echo-client). I'll try under Linux...

> having more threads sending requests and receiving replies triggers a
> _known_ race condition on a shared list in DBus::BusDispatcher, but I
> can't see any relation between this and the stack traces posted
> earlier

Can I have more info on this ? Is there a bug report somewhere ? Ideas
to fix it ?

Thanks a lot for your help. And by the way, good thing to have added
_init_threading() wrapping to dbus_thread_init_default(), I had done
this locally and had planned to push the modif back to you but never
had time for it ;)


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