using DBus between hosts

Sergey Struzh sergeystruzh at
Tue Jul 31 22:28:18 PDT 2007


I am trying to use DBus as a mean to invoke some API from other machine.
Worth mentioning that I use dbus-c++ bindings (still) maintained in
openwengo project. So far, my platform is Linux PC(Ubuntu), though the goal
is to have the server (and dbus-daemon) running on some embedded Linux
platform and to invoke the API both from the local target (IPC) and from a
remote PC (currently Linux - Ubuntu) and eventually Windows as well.

I manage to have dbus-daemon to listen on TCP sockets and to serve clients
connecting from the same machine. However, when trying to connect to it from
another machine I fail with smth like "no reply" from server. My
understanding is that it is user authentication/authorization issue. The
DBus version I'm using is 1.0.2 and it supports only "EXTERNAL" and
"DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1" protocols, and both don't fit the TCP sockets model
(browsing the mail list I found that when running dbus-daemon as root
"DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1" could work but so far it fails for me). I understand also
that future versions of DBus is planned to include "ANONYMOUS", so can
someone provide me with release number it is going to be included in (and
approximate date for it)? Also, may I ask for simple explanation how the
brand new protocol works?

As long as I am not concerned so far with the security issues, my main
question is whether there's a simple way to disable authentication in the


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