debugging the protocol

Simon Burton simon at
Wed Jun 13 13:08:37 PDT 2007


I am re-implementing a subset of the dbus protocol, and just
having some trouble debugging this.

I'm using the dbus daemon to test wheather i got it right.
Here are my steps:
1) launch a session dbus daemon
2) connect with dbus_bus_get
   I could connect myself, but i don't want to re-implement the authentication steps
3) steal the socket fd
4) receive the NameAcquired signal

   All is well up to here. so i've had some luck parsing this one message from the dbus 

5) send a message

This is when the daemon hangs up, probably because i made a mistake in the message.
I feel like a lawyer pouring over the dbus protocol spec :)

So, any advice on how to debug this ? Is there a magic flag i can compile the 
dbus-daemon with that will give me some more hints ?



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