[patch] add a trivial xml parser for the setuid addon

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Mon Jun 18 07:56:32 PDT 2007


My main question here is whether I can think of a way to refactor 
config-parser.c itself to nuke the dependencies. I will look at that a 
bit later.

In any case we'll need tests for the trivial config parser, including 
the OOM handling, and it should be easy to do them.


Richard Hughes wrote:
> This patch adds a trivially small (i.e. nothing clever, no selinux, no
> policy, no included files, nothing remotely risky) xml config file
> parser. It also introduces config-parser-common.{h|h} files to abstract
> out the common element definitions and conversion code. If this is okay,
> then I'll migrate config-parser.c to use the config-parser-common.c
> definitions, and then we get little duplication between the trivial and
> the proper parser.
> Not using the config-parser.c file in the setuid addon means we can drop
> a metric _TON_ of dependencies, making the addon much smaller and much
> easier to audit.

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