dbus-transport.c fix

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Thu Jun 21 14:41:57 PDT 2007

Ralf Habacker schrieb:
>    {
>    if (_dbus_credentials_has_windows_sid(our_identity))
I just saw a better already available way using

>      _dbus_verbose ("Client authorized as SID %s"
>                     " matching our SID %d"\n",
>                     _dbus_credentials_get_windows_sid(auth_identity),
>                     _dbus_credentials_get_windows_sid(our_identity));
>    else
>     _dbus_verbose ("Client authorized as UID "DBUS_UID_FORMAT
>                     " matching our UID "DBUS_UID_FORMAT"\n",
>                     _dbus_credentials_get_unix_uid(auth_identity),
>                     _dbus_credentials_get_unix_uid(our_identity));
Appended is an updated patch. I would check this in in this way if there 
are no more objectivies.

BTW: The _dbus_credentials api looks very complete. My respect. (From my 
c++ backgound I personal would have implemented the new/ref/unref 
functions as pairs of functions: new/delete for object creating/deleting 
and ref/unref for reference counting, where delete() calls unref() 
internal. This makes the role of each function a bit clearer and easier 
to understandm. But this is personal to me. :-)


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