[RELEASE] dbus-glib 0.74

Rob Taylor rob.taylor at codethink.co.uk
Wed Jun 27 04:18:51 PDT 2007

dbus-glib 0.74 is now available from


Special thanks goes to Ross Burton who did most of the work for this
release, majorly fixing peer proxy support.


D-Bus GLib Bindings 0.74 (27 Jun 2007)

 - Init threading first to stop a warning from new GLib.
 - Remove the XML documentation support in configure
 - Fix typo in _dbus_gvalue_signals_error (#10837) (Thanks to Peter
 - Update GLib requirement (Closes #10889).
 - Document dbus-gtype-specialized
 - Add simple test suite for peer objects.
 - Support peer-to-peer proxies. (Closes #10233).
 - Add dbus_connection_get_g_connection.
 - Stop compiler warnings (Closes #10374).
 - Handle dbus errors which are not name has no owner
 - Update abstract socket test from DBus, which now cross-compiles
 - Rename the error quark to be unique
 - Update AUTHORS

Rob Taylor
Codethink Ltd.

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