glib bindings with glib signals

Gary Kramlich grim at
Wed Jun 27 14:27:37 PDT 2007

Simon McVittie wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Jun 2007 at 20:12:39 -0500, Gary Kramlich wrote:
>> I'm trying to emit a glib signal on an object that's exported over dbus, 
>> which in glib has a marshal signature of VOID:OBJECT.
> Objects aren't handled like that by dbus-glib. You need to extract the object's
> object-path (as a const gchar*) and use a signal of signature VOID:STRING.
> Regards,
> 	Simon

Ok, that makes sense, but some sort of warning or something when trying 
to use 'o' as the arg type might be desired.  I also assume that this 
means I have to re-emit the signal on the client side as a pure glib 
signal, that I'll need to handle it in the dbus code, grab the proxy 
object, and then emit it off of that.  The only concern I have with that 
is, is it going to get transmitted back over dbus or is it smart enough 
to realize i'm retransmitting it as a pure glib signal?

Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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