winDBus authentication stage

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Fri Mar 2 12:10:48 PST 2007

Havoc Pennington schrieb:
> Alp Toker wrote:
>> I have some managed D-Bus ( users who
>> are connecting to the winDBus daemon on Win32.
>> They are using the "tcp" transport and made a couple of observations:
>> 1) winDBus doesn't accept a null byte at the very start of the
>> stream. My users had to modify the managed tcp transport not to send
>> the null byte. I had the impression that this byte would always be
>> sent and accepted to provide consistency with other transports where
>> it is used to provide peer credentials.
>> 2) The EXTERNAL authentication mechanism used on the winDBus tcp
>> transport seems to require a global atom representing the user SID as
>> a string (where the unix uid would usually be as a string). What is
>> the the reasoning behind this?
>> I'd like to provide interoperability between managed D-Bus and
>> winDBus in my next release, so please advise as to whether (1) is a
>> bug or a feature and whether I should integrate code to provide the
>> functionality required by (2).
> windbus is still totally busted afaik. Both 1) and 2) are bugs.
> I would not bother trying to support dbus on win32 until we get it
> integrated into the dbus mainline.
... which needs more developer then currently available. Several people
have done what they could do, but they are on there limit. In the last
weeks a developer from a company has contacted us to port dbus to wince
and we are looking towards to this efforts. May be he and other watching
on the dbus mailing list can take a look into the required  patches and
are able to finish this port.
My personally next step would be to add cmake support to dbus cvs so
that others are able to compile dbus on windows if there are no
objectivies. How to proceed ?


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