Question on correct DBus usage

Arne Caspari arne at
Wed May 2 08:01:28 PDT 2007

Hello DBus-List, 

I am new to DBus and I am a bit curious how to implement a specific
issue 'the right way'.

I have a video capture application that I want to be able to remote
control from an external process. The application controls only one
video device, though there might be more instances of this application
running for different devices at the same time. 

I currently implemented it this way: Each application instance registers
an interface name which is build like the following: 


likewise, the object path would be: 


The client needs to introspect the bus and find the matching interface. 

What makes me think that this is not the right way to do it is that
using dbus-glib, it is kind of hard to achieve this behaviour. Is there
a better way to do the trick? 

Thanks and best regards, 

Arne Caspari

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