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I think this is basically the same issue I am talking about.
For me, the "Device id" is the CPU number or  IP address for grid
computing.  But the point of the namescope.[ch] subroutines I
made are actually I think to address this issue also so I am interested
to understand more about how this is supposed to be solved.
Is there already a standard API for ListDevices()?

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On 5/2/07, Havoc Pennington <hp at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Arne Caspari wrote:
> > org.unicapimaging.UCView.UNIQUE_DEVICE_IDENTIFIER
> >
> This doesn't make any sense as an interface, would you have "interface
> UNIQUE_DEVICE_IDENTIFIER" in Java? D-Bus interfaces are the same.
> As a bus name, you might do something like this. I'm guessing you meant
> bus name.
> > likewise, the object path would be:
> >
> > org/unicapimaging/UCView/UNIQUE_DEVICE_IDENTIFIER
> There is probably no point having a unique bus name for every device, if
> you already have a unique path. The bus name is used to locate your
> process, the path is used to locate an object inside the process.
> If this is confusing, it's explained in several places in different ways
> (dbus tutorial and I believe the FAQ), maybe one of these is clearer.
> In general you can think:
>   bus name = hostname
>   unique bus name = IP address
>   interface = interface (in a programming language, e.g. Java)
>   object path = pointer / object reference
> > The client needs to introspect the bus and find the matching interface.
> I would suggest just have an object with a ListDevices() method, which
> returns a list of the object paths of the devices.
> Havoc
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