Asynchronous method calls

Luigi Paioro luigi at
Wed May 9 03:02:46 PDT 2007

Hello all!

I have a question which is specific for the dbus-python bindings, but I 
think it can be viewed as a general issue.

Suppose I have an object which exposes a method myMethod(arg1, arg2, 
...). Now I want to call it 3 times asynchronously with different 
arguments each time:

call 1: myMethod(1, 2, 3, ...)
call 2: myMethod(6, 2, 4, ...)
call 3: myMethod(8, 10, 3, ...)

Using reply_handler and error_handler I easily link the responses to a 
suitable callback function. As a result I can have 3 callbacks which are 
in a different time order respect the calls:

response 1: callback of call 2
response 2: callback of call 3
response 3: callback of call 1

The problem is that I cannot recognize each response to which original 
call are related (and sometime it can be important). I could do it 
passing a call ID as an argument and getting it from the response, but 
I'm wondering whether there could be another inner mechanism in DBus 
itself or not.

Thank you in advance.



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