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Richard Hult richard at
Mon May 21 23:52:59 PDT 2007


Havoc Pennington skrev:
> Hi,
> Sean Kang wrote:
>> I'm currently using GConf-DBus and it seems(not verified, but it might 
>> be) there is a problem with the limitation given by D-Bus.
>> Would it be there, if modified, any immediate problem if that limitation 
>> is removed or raised?  (how to raise that variable would be welcome :-) )
> First step is to figure out exactly why gconf-dbus is doing this.
> It's almost certainly a design problem with gconf-dbus. I think the 
> gconf-dbus patch is so old, it may predate dbus recursive array types. 
> Thus, it may have had to use methods with tons of args instead of an 
> array. gconf-dbus could then just be fixed to use an array.

What version of gconf-dbus are you using? IIRC, this was changed quite a 
while ago after D-BUS grew support for arrays with structs in them.


Imendio AB,

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