win32 dbus-launch.bat replacement

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Tue May 29 10:08:09 PDT 2007

Ralf Habacker schrieb:
> I've appended an updated source for dbus-launch.c, with some MAX_PATH
> related fixes, some additional error printing and stuff to distinguish
> release/debug compilations.
> Are there any other issues with this code beside Tor's unicode
> suggestions ? 
The same code detecting the session config path and debug/release 
version of dbus-daemon is required in the dbus-daemon.

The autolaunch feature see _dbus_get_autolaunch_address() in 
dbus/dbus-sysdeps-win.c uses the --session parameter to run the dbus-daemon.

The dbus-daemon currently uses a hardcoded path 'etc/session.conf', 
which only works if dbus-daemon is installed [1] and the working dir of 
dbus-daemon is set to the dbus installation root and the path layout is 
like shown below


If dbus-daemon is running in the build environment the path layout looks 


The solution for this problem is to implement the session.conf search in 
bus/main.c where the config_file parameter is set and to use the 
--session parameter in dbus-launch to start dbus-daemon.exe. This would 
fix also the limitation mentioned in [1]


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