dbus questions

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Sun Nov 4 20:53:16 PST 2007


buhochileno at gmail.com wrote:
> 1.- Can I pass messages between a native (unmanaged code) C/C++ process 
> to others C/C++ process and/or managed C# process?.

Yes, the protocol is shared.

> 2.- The "object path" can be a URL from intranet or internet?

No, it is a dbus-specific concept of path. It would normally be a 
reverse domain name kind of thing, like

> 3.- is possible to use dbus on windows, any time sone?

I would say it's possible only if you are willing to hack on it / fix 
bugs in it on Windows. There should not be much trouble making it work 
on Windows, but you should schedule some time to address issues or add 
missing features.

> ..related to the wrappers:
> 4.- dbus-mono, dbus-sharp and NDesk.dbus are the same (they have 
> diferent version numbers)?

I'm not sure about this.

> 5.- if I use dbus-sharp, dbus-mono or ndesk-dbus can I attach method to 
> a C/C++ -> dbus message?, and viceversa?

When making a remote method call across processes, the two processes can 
be implemented in different languages.

> where can I find a tutorial about this technics hopfully with examples?

The documentation I know of is listed on the web site, and there are 
lots of open source projects you could look at for examples. Try Google 
code search perhaps.


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