error compiling with Glib

Jacques Pelletier jpelletier at
Fri Oct 5 20:52:33 PDT 2007

On October 5, 2007 06:43:12 am hamdi Srihi wrote:
> Hi all
> when compiling the exemple-client.c given with dbus-glib package i found
> this errors
>  gcc `pkg-config --cflags dbus-1 dbus-glib-1 glib-2.0` example-client.c
> /tmp/cc72WhpL.o: In function `main':example-client.c:(.text+0xa8):
> undefined reference to `g_type_init'example-client.c:(.text+0xb4):
> undefined reference to

> i have modified a ennvirement variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/lib/pkgconfig
> (here ther is all my .pc files) so i dont know what's wrong.
> Any idea?
> thanx

In the dbus-glib source, you can also compile the examples by doing:
but not 'make install'. 

It will compile all files, taking care of the configuration and flags and 
everything at once. You'll find the examples' executable in the same 
directory as the examples' sources.

Good luck!


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