Andreas Sliwka andreas.sliwka at
Thu Oct 11 02:37:19 PDT 2007

  it seems that your problem is not DBus but SELinux related. SELinux
(Security Enhanced Linux) is a system that is used to control which
program or user can access which resources and start which programs.

  The main concept of SELinux is: If something is not allowed, then
it's implicitly forbidden. And since your system is missing the
configuration that would allow you to start the dbus session it
forbids you to do so, as a result you can not connect to the bus since
it has never been started. So you have to solve this issue first
before you can do real DBus stuff.

  Two possible solutions:
    1) Find someone who can configure your system so that you are
allowed to start the dbus session. I definetly cant help you here - I
spend 2 weeks reading a book about SELinux this summer, I did the
examples, and after all I figured that it's just way to complex for
me. A reinstallation of your linux machine with a more up-to-date
distribution might help too, maybe your current installation is from a
time where DBus was not common.
    2) Disable SELinux. I dont know how to do that, since it depends
on which distribution you use. But since most distribution have
dedicated support forums you can go there and look around or ask.

  I would suggest option 2, getting SELinux out of the way will
_definetly_ ease your task.

Best regards,

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