cron like daemon for dbus signals

Georg Sauthoff g_sauthoff at
Sat Oct 13 11:33:06 PDT 2007


I want to execute shell-scripts depending on certain dbus signals (like
new medium/device available).

Well, I guess a cron-like daemon already exists for such tasks. I.e.
simple per-user configuration via text-file; lhs the signal
specification (the signal have to match this specification) and at the
rhs the shell command which is executed by /bin/sh if a signal matches the

Ideally, the /bin/sh process gets an environment which contains
information about the current signal.

I thought it is a FAQ, but didn't found it in the dbus faq. A google
search wasn't successful, too.

So, does anyone know such a daemon, which I can use for such tasks?

Best regards
Georg Sauthoff

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