authentification for dbus tcp transport

Havoc Pennington hp at
Tue Oct 16 09:22:10 PDT 2007


msg at wrote:
> <auth>ANONYMOUS</auth>
> Then I can't connect even from the user who launched the bus? I get a
> NoReply error which appears instantly.

Are you using 1.0.x? ANONYMOUS is new in the development release 

> Without any <auth>, it works with the user who launched the bus, does it
> mean that another authentification mecanism is used in this case? Or that
> in the former cases my configuration is not properly set?

If you omit any <auth> I think all non-anonymous mechanisms are used by 
default, not sure. That would include DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1.

For the user that launched the bus, if you connect to localhost, 
DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1 should work because both client and server can read the 
cookie file from the user's home directory.

However, DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1 won't work between machines unless they share 
home directories via NFS or whatever.


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