Aashish Raina aashish_raina at persistent.co.in
Fri Oct 26 23:53:09 PDT 2007

Hi All Of You

      please  correct me if i am wrong

                      I want to broadcast a signal on to the bus,
so that if  any interested application wants it.

So that means
1:I need to have  a server application which broadcasts a signal.
2:cliesnt will listen to it and receives it.

Right now in my server code
  a: I have connected to the system bus.
  b: as we know to in dbus every kind of communication  happens through 
      So now i will create a object from which i can send the signal and in 
future send method calls

     but in my code
                                        dbus_bus_acquire_service (conn, 
                                   0, &error2);

                                        which is used for accuring a service 
fails .
                                        It is printing the error message 
thatorg.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Disconnected: Disconnected prior to receiving 
a reply

                                 one more thing this org/pirate/  is this 
path choosen by our choise (i mean if we have 5 objects then 5 diff paths)


  DBusError error,error2;
  DBusConnection *conn;

  //dbus_uint32_t serial = 0; // unique number to associate replies with 
  DBusMessage* msg;
  DBusMessageIter args;

  dbus_error_init (&error);
 conn = dbus_bus_get (DBUS_BUS_SYSTEM, &error);

 if (!conn)
     fprintf (stderr, "%s: %s\n",
              error.name, error.message);
     return 1;

 //now sending a message but from a well known address :lets accuire a 

 //Connecting to the system bus is a nice first step, but we want to be able 
to send messages from a well-known address. Let's acquire a service:

 dbus_bus_acquire_service (conn, "org.pirate.parrot",
                           0, &error2);
 if (dbus_error_is_set (&error2))
     fprintf (stderr, "%s: %s\n",
              error2.name, error2.message);

     //dbus_connection_disconnect (conn);

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