DBus for RMI

Sven Herzberg herzi-ml at gnome-de.org
Mon Sep 3 09:03:00 PDT 2007

Hey guys,

I'd work on a small project and two apps (on different hosts) are
supposed to exchange some data. I thought I'd implement it like this,
please tell me if you think this is a reasonable approach:

1. When one app goes into receiving mode it starts a dbus-daemon on a
local tcp port.
2. It announces the open port via avahi (service-discovery, etc.).
3. The sending app will see the new service and connect to it

4. As DBus doesn't do any network-related security (TLS,
authentication), I'll implement a small pin-based login (similiar to the
pairing process of bluetooth - that will satisfy the security needs for
this app).

5. After this login, the client can call methods on remote objects
(sending data, triggering some calculations, receiving data back).

Is this a feasible approach? Which problems may arise if I start yet
another DBus-Daemon for these services?


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