git migration

Havoc Pennington hp at
Thu Sep 13 12:46:13 PDT 2007


I had the impression I was the only one "against"[1] moving to git, so
I told Ryan it was probably fine.

If anyone is strongly against it then start a discussion about why,
otherwise we'll give it a try.

I'd rather avoid a "which revision control system is best" discussion;
the issue here is whether git will introduce a real problem.  i.e.
let's stipulate that the two choices are CVS or git. If git has fatal
flaws for people who need to use dbus SCM then we'll just wait for the
distributed SCM landscape to settle down and stick to CVS in the


[1] my actual objection was that none of the lobbyists for git were
really doing much libdbus/dbus-daemon coding, so I didn't see why I
should have to learn git. Since Ryan says he will be doing signficant
coding, and is doing the git migration work, I am willing to try it.

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