dbus: Proposed relicense to MIT/X11

Rob Taylor rob.taylor at codethink.co.uk
Thu Sep 13 16:18:08 PDT 2007

Ryan Lortie wrote:
> There was a meeting of dbus developers at GUADEC and it was agreed by
> all present that it would be best to move dbus to a MIT/X11 style
> licence.

One problem we might hit is the code owned by the now-defunct
Codefactory AB.

The vast majority of Codefactories code was written by Anders Carlsson,
and he only did some minor changes after leaving Codefactory. So I've
produced a list of lines in libdbus [1] that I can show that Anders
wrote as reference [2]. We may need to rewrite these lines to complete a
relicense, unless a copyright holder of these lines steps forward.

Also needing rewriting would be the changes of 2003-02-19 by Mikael
Hallendal when he worked at Codefactory.

Rob Taylor

[1] http://codethink.co.uk/~robtaylor/andersca.lines

[2] using for i in `git-ls-files dbus`; do git blame  -M -C -w $i | grep
"Anders Carlsson"  | sed "s%.* \([0-9]\+) .*\)%$i: \1%" ; done >

Rob Taylor, Codethink Ltd. -  http://codethink.co.uk

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