How can i use DBusWatch struct

Havoc Pennington hp at
Wed Sep 19 10:51:58 PDT 2007


On 9/19/07, geaaru <geaaru at> wrote:
>  thank you very very very much for your explanation.
> Now it works, but i have still a doubt.
> Now, i manage method correctly with dbus_connection_dispatch and
> dbus_watch_handle when there is an event on file descriptor, but
> DBusWatch not generate an event for NameAcquired signal. Why?
> Because when i call dbus_connection_set_watch_functions that signal is
> already on incoming message list? So, i need call
> dbus_connection_dispatch after dbus_connection_set_watch_functions for
> "initialize" incoming message list for a correct management by
> DBusWatch, right?

Before sleeping in the select() the first time, you probably want to
get_dispatch_status() to see if you need to dispatch.


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