Problem connecting DBus java and c-windbus

Havoc Pennington hp at
Wed Sep 19 13:52:42 PDT 2007

You are welcome to fix the bug.

1) Determine where it's definitely safe, and makes sense / would be
normal on Windows, to store a secret cookie visible only to a single
user. It could be a file, or could be the registry or something, I
don't know.

2) Document in dbus-specification.xml where this location is, or what
API to use to determine where it is.

3) Modify dbus-java and windbus to use this location.


The current text is, in part:
"Cookies are stored in a user's home directory, in the directory
~/.dbus-keyrings/. This directory must not be readable or writable by
other users. If it is, clients and servers must ignore it. The
directory contains cookie files named after the cookie context."

The current text should be split apart into a sub-heading for unix and
a sub-heading for Windows, explaining how it works on each platform.

There is also some stuff there about lock files that does not make
sense on Windows. The appropriate Windows alternative should be
documented instead.

Basically, how would you design this feature from scratch if it were
Windows-only? That's how it should work. It should be designed, then


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