data transfer via bus daemon

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Thu Sep 20 23:22:27 PDT 2007


I am fairly new to Dbus. As far as I understand now, two or more processes
can communicate with each other via the bus daemon and the Dbus can use any
underlying IPC (unix domain socket /TCP scoket/Pipes) for the communication.

So if two processes are communicating via bus daemon, using TCP sockets,
then there will be 2 TCP connections- 1. process A to bus daemon; 2 process
B to bus daemon. If we need to transfer large amount of data in this setup,
is it a ideal solution to use? OR is it possible in Dbus for two
applications to transfer data directly between each other, after discovering
each other via the bus, and then bypassing the bus. And thus the overhead of
two TCP connections is reduced to one TCP connection.

Please correct me, if I have misunderstood the concepts.

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