Perl Net::DBus Help and Documentation

Madison Kelly linux at
Tue Apr 8 02:47:59 PDT 2008

Hi all,

   I've been struggling off and on with the Net::DBus bindings for perl. 
I've had some success in using existing buses (HAL on system, 
specifically). Now though I am trying to have my program's daemon create 
a bus and register clients as objects when they connect and provide 
basic communication between server-side scripts and clients, via the 
daemon process. I've got the client/server communication in place, but I 
have not been able to get the DBus portion working.

   In the past, when I have struggled to learn something, I would write 
documentation, generally in the form of a *LUG presentation. I would 
like to do this for perl's Net::DBus bindings, both as a way to help me 
learn DBus better and as a way to contribute a How-To geared more to 
perl programmers who are quite new to the DBus concept.

   Would anyone here be interested in helping me with this?

   All I need, more than anything, is help getting the most basic sample 
code working, and I can start building on that myself. I would need to 
only ask occasional questions when I go stuck. In turn, I would provide 
the How-To back to the community.

   Here are links to talks I have given on general storage and 
netfiltering with iptables:


   More as an example of my writing style; these are two papers on an 
old, deprecated versions of the program I am working on:


   I think DBus can offer some wonderful potential and I know I would 
personally have benefited from a more basic introduction to DBus coding. 
This is not in any way to disparage Mr. Berrange's Tutorials! I found 
though that they are probably more applicable to people who are already 
familiar with DBus and are just looking for info on the perl bindings.

   I hope to supplement Mr. Berrange's docs by creating a document that 
will gently easy a perl programmer who is new to DBus entirely into the 
Net::DBus bindings. :)

Thanks in advance!


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