Announcing availability of libgdbus

Marcel Holtmann marcel at
Tue Apr 15 12:37:11 PDT 2008

Hi Folks,

during the last couple of month I've been working on something that I
call libgdbus. It is a helper library if you wanna use libdbus with GLib
based application, but don't wanna get involved with GObject and
dbus-glib and its dependency chain. The main target are system services
that wanna keep a low footprint and a low complexity. Projects like
BlueZ have been using internal grown functionality like this for over
two years now and I felt it is time to move this into a small library
with a clean API.

The libgdbus currently offers you the following things:

  * Easy integration with the GLib mainloop
  * Easy creation of objects and interfaces
  * Support for the D-Bus properties
  * Automatic introspection support
  * Simpler API for NameOwnerChanged watches

This functionality is currently implemented and will allow us to replace
a lot of home-grown D-Bus helper code within the BlueZ project. Other
projects might benefit from it, too.

At this point no release has been made, but I put up a GIT tree:


Would it make sense to fully move this to

The repository also contains a small command line based introspection
utility that gives you basic information about the introspection data of
a D-Bus service. It is far away from being perfect, but good enough for
quickly debugging on remote devices.



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