Announcing availability of libgdbus

Marcel Holtmann marcel at
Tue Apr 15 15:42:24 PDT 2008

Hi Simon,

>> I think all the stakeholders in dbus-glib agree it is fairly
>> fundamentally broken from an API standpoint and doesn't have much  
>> of a
>> future.  Any objections to elevating libgbus to more "official"  
>> status
>> by having it in the bindings page?
> I think that might be a little harsh... dbus-glib needs a lot of  
> cleanup, but
> I'm not convinced it should die entirely. I certainly wouldn't be keen
> to deprecate it just yet, particularly if its potential replacements
> libgbus and hippo-dbus-helper haven't actually had any releases in  
> their
> own right.

from my perspective I am ready to do a release, but I would actually  
prefer to host it on since its only dependencies are  
libdbus and libglib. So the not having a release issue can be solved  
quite quickly.

I also like to get an idea what other people think about the API. The  
design was driven by what I have done in the past and what seemed to  
be an easy way of doing things without bothering developers with too  
much D-Bus low-level details.



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