service activation by getRemoteObject not working

Olaf Brandt obcsystems at
Thu Apr 17 08:56:02 PDT 2008


I'm trying to use DBus-Java on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.
I'm gone use DBus to start other services.

As mentioned in the Java-Doc of getRemoteObject the service should start,
if the busname requested can not be found on the bus.
This doesn't work. It starts not until I call a method on the 
Proxyobject I got.
But then this method call throws an Exception, because the Object is not 
(in this moment) exported.
If I call a second time, everything is fine, the object can be found and 
the methodcall returns normally.

The dbus-daemon -version shows 0.6. Maybe the service activation is not 
working well in this relaese ?


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